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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Ensim WEBppliance

Ensim WEBppliance 3.x for Linux quickly converts a basic Red Hat Linux server into a robust Web hosting appliance that is easily managed through Web browser-based user interfaces. It is packaged with core Web hosting server applications and features such as a Web server, a mail server, a FTP server, a DNS server (Ensim PRO WEBppliance only), and site security for users.


It also includes useful administration tools such as a File Manager to help work with directories and files, a user account manager to maintain the accounts on a domain, and a backup manager to perform data backups.

WEBppliance 3.x for Linux has four different levels of users: the appliance owner, the reseller, the domain owner, and users on the domain. Depending on their role, WEBppliance 3.x allows users to easily access all the features available to them through separate browser-based user interfaces.

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