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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

VPS explained

VPS multi-tenancy technology enables us to offer almost all the functionality that a customer gets on a dedicated box without dedicating a box per customer. This enables multiple private servers on a single dedicated server.

VPS platform

Virtual Private Servers are fully isolated server partitions that

  • Have root access
  • Have their own guaranteed share of the servers resources, including CPU, memory and bandwidth
  • Can run independent applications: Applications are not shared across private servers which means that customers can run different combinations of applications or different versions of applications even if they are on the same physical server.
  • Are completely sandboxed for enhanced security

Private Server plans are appropriate to those sites on shared plans which may be using a large portion of resources, but do not require fully dedicated servers. Private Servers can also be used to provide greater flexibility, including root access to the server, and the ability to host custom applications, to those who require these without needing the resources of a fully dedicated server.

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