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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Installed software

Each Private Server Plan includes fully functional Red Hat OS with the following preinstalled applications software:

Installed software Description
Analog 5.31
Apache 1.3.27
Apache-mod_fastcgi 2.2.12
mod_perl 1.26
mod_ssl 2.8.12
bind 9.2.1
freetype 2.0.9
frontpage 5.0
gd 1.8.4
imap 2001a
majordomo 1.94.5
mysql 3.23.58
openSSL 096 0.9.6
perl 5.6.1
php 4.3.3
postgresql 7.2.4
procmail 3.2.1
proftpd 1.2.7
pspell 0.12.2
python2 2.2.2
rmp 4.0.3
sendmail 8.11.6
squirrelmail 1.2.11
Webalizer 2.01_10
Log analyser
Web server
FastCGI module
Embedded perl for faster cgi execution
For SSL encryption
DNS server
Library and tools for font manipulation
FrontPage Extensions
Image manipulation library and tools
POP/IMAP mail server
Mailing list manager
MySQL database server
LDAP server and client
Crypto library and tools
Perl programming language
PHP programming language
PostgreSQL database server
Mail sorting language
FTP server
Spell checker
Python programming language
Package management tool
SMTP mail server
Web based emailer
Web statistics analizer

Optional Applications Description
Quicktime Streaming 3.0
j2sdk 1.4.0
mod_jk-1.3 1.0
tomcat4 4.0.3
Quicktime server
Java programming language
Tomcat module for Apache
Tomcat servlet container

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