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Responses and Escalation

Technical Support Service Level Agreement and
Technical Support Escalation Flow


1) Overview
2) Technical Support Standard Service Level Agreement
3) Technical Support Call Escalation Process

1) Overview:

The following is DataGate's Standard Service Level Agreement for technical support, a description of our call escalation process, and a description of key technologies utilised by DataGate's Technical Support team. DataGate currently employs a dedicated technical support staff to insure responsiveness, quality of service and enforcement of our SLA's with our customers. DataGate will aggressively expand its Technical Support team to meet the demands of a continually growing customer base and rapidly changing market and technical conditions. Due to the specific nature of the solutions DataGate integrates, implements and hosts, all technical support is handled in-house in order to provide the best possible service. DataGate has no current plans to outsource its Technical Support at any point in the future.

2) Technical Support Standard Service Level Agreement:

Telephone Technical Support will be provided by Datagate between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm BST Monday through Friday. E-mail technical support is available 24 x 7 x 365.

Extended hours for telephone and intervention technical support may be negotiated depending upon the availability of Datagate Technical Support staff and call volumes.

DataGate technical support will be limited to DataGate customers with Virtual Private Server, Exchange, Shared Web Hosting or Dedicated Server accounts and issues specifically related to DataGate's hosting platforms and services.

Technical support calls are directed to the Technical Support team by a dedicated national rate phone number.

Technical support can also be requested via e-mail, a form on the DataGate website, fax and mail.

DataGate Technical Support will provide the names and contact information of the shift supervisors and Support Managers to those who enquire.

Ticket requests opened by or for the Technical Support team will be responded to within 1 hour of the first attempted contact between stated support hours.

Notice of call resolution shall be delivered to the end user within 1 hour of closure.

In the event of outages or maintainance, DataGate will provide affected customers with time estimates for duration of outages and/or scheduled maintenance.

Non-critical maintenance of the servers will be scheduled a minimum of 1 week in advance of performance. Scheduled non-critical maintenance of live systems will occur outside of regular UK working hours. Details of security and OS patches will be passed on to affected customers after application. In such cases where scheduled maintenance exceeds the allotted time as allocated in relevant Change Requests and customer notifications, DataGate will proactively notify end users with revised estimates and impact assessments.

3) Technical Support Call Escalation Process:

DataGate support requests are structured in three tiers (1,2 and 3) defined by the age of the ticket and the severity of the problem reported:

Tier One examples:

First time connection and configuration questions
Initial log in or operations questions
Requests for passwords to be changed

Tier Two examples:

Tier one issues not responded to within 1 hour
Immediate response of live call due to Tier One overload volume
Security alerts (compromised )
Account problems

Tier Three examples:

Tier One Issues not responded to within 4 hours
Tier Two Issues not responded to within 1 hour
Server outages
Server defacement

Tier three calls are escalated directly to the Support Manager.

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