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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Share Point

Add another layer of productivity to your business. Sharepoint is a collaborative solution that connects, people, teams and information.

Share documents, participate in discussions and surveys all within a secure familiar environment that is fully managed and backed up daily. Sharepoint gives you the ability to create intranet sites to share information and increase collaboration with other users. You can access content stored on a Sharepoint site from a web browser and through desktop applications such as Microsoft Office.

A typical Sharepoint site might include a variety of tools and information, such as shared document libraries, contacts, calendars task lists and discussions. Site content is easily searched and users can also receive alerts to tell them when existing documents and information have been changed or updated. You can also customize site content and layout to present targeted information to specific users on precise topics.

If you already have Exchange mailbox, then you can integrate certain features from one application to another, for example:

  • Import Outlook contacts to Sharepoint contacts list
  • Export Sharepoint contacts into Outlook
  • Link Sharepoint events lists into Outlook
  • Manage Sharepoint alerts in Outlook
  • Create meeting workspaces from Outlook

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