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Note: One UK domain name is free of charge with any VPS package. Registration of additional domain names is 5 GBP per domain name. Registration of US domain names is 25 GBP per domain name. All domain name registrations are valid for one year.
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The card security code is a number printed on the card. The number is not embossed on the card and hence not printed on receipts etc. making it much harder for anyone other than the cardholder to know what the code is. This will help prevent 'cardholder not present' fraud. A security code is now printed on the vast majority of credit/debit cards.

CC Sample The format and position of the security code varies across card schemes. Some cards have a three-digit number printed at the end of the cards' signature strip. Some (AMEX cards for example) have a four digit number on the front of the card. Some card issuers refer to this number as the 'Security Code', others as the 'personal security code' and others as 'Card Verification Value'. In addition, it may also go by the name of 'CVV2' for Visa Cards, 'Card Verification Code' (CVV) for Mastercard/Eurocard and 'Security Code' for AMEX cards.

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