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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Data Backup

Our Managed Backup services ensure that your data and systems are kept safe and secure and that backup data can be recovered quickly if your system fails. We cannot over-stress the importance of having a backup system in place to protect your business against data-loss, unnecessary down-time or, in the worst cases, critical business failure.

Finding a Backup option to suit you can involve one or a combination of backup services offered by DataGate.

Our cost-effective NAS backup solution gives you access to our centralised shared backup drives. As part of the service, we will install and configure the necessary backup software on your Dedicated or Virtual Private Server to carry out a scheduled backup to your requirements.

Advanced Managed Backup Solution (Server Imaging)

This solution allows customers to perform full system restorations and complete server recoveries, or to restore individual files or folders in minimal time. Server imaging backup captures frequent point-in-time snapshots of the operating state, or live state, of an entire server without interrupting user productivity or application usage. These point-in-time snapshots include all files and volumes (regardless if in use, hidden, or encrypted), applications, and settings into one server backup image file. In the event of system hardware or software failure, or user error, DataGate Advanced Backup enables administrators to recover a system up to 80% faster than traditional methods, in as little as 45 minutes.

Backup - NAS Setup Monthly
10 GB of backup drive space (NAS backup)
10 GB of backup drive space (Advanced backup
Additional 10 GB drive space

Tape Backup Setup Monthly
20/40GB DDS-4 Standard (drive and tape)
36/72GB DDS-5 Standard (drive and tape)

Veritas Backup Agents Setup Monthly
Veritas Remote Agent
Veritas Open File Agent
Veritas MS SQL Agent
Veritas MS Exchange Agent

For a more advanced backup solution on Windows 2000/2003 server platforms we offer VERITAS Backup Exec software. VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers backup and restore solution provide certified, comprehensive, cost effective protection for Microsoft Windows server environments. Backup Exec software increases application availability while simultaneously improving backup performance

Combined with a complete family of high performance agents and options, Backup Exec offers the ease of use and flexibility to quickly protect server data.

Remote Agent
The Remote Agent is essential for the operation of the NAS backup solution as it allows your dedicated server(s) to use our common, centralised Network Attached Storage drives.

Open File Agent
The Open File Option ensures that every file on your network is protected even if it's being used. Our administrators need not know which files are open ahead of time before backing them up and can set a scheduled backup with a simple mouse click. The Open File Option handles open files at the volume level and can be implemented on its own or with our specific database agents.

MS SQL Agent
The MS SQL Agent for Microsoft SQL Server ensures that OLTP, OLAP, and e-Business data is protected when application- or hardware-based corruption occurs. Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, this option will give SQL Server 6.5 and 7.x and SQL Server 2000 users complete and customizable protection.

MS Exchange Agent
This agent provides full or incremental, or differential backup and restores of all critical Exchange Server components including the entire datastore, individual storage groups and log files, as well as all Outlook components, such as individual mailboxes, individual public folders, individual messages

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