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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions


Companies across all sectors and of all sizes are benefiting from our eCommerce Builder solutions and Web-Merchant credit card payment services, allowing them to start taking credit cards online, 24 hours a day. Over the years we have helped thousands and companies and individuals to start trading online.

  • If you are in business and want to let your customer pay by credit card - it ought to be a simple procedure - unfortunately most banks tend not to see it that way.
  • Web-Merchant was developed to cut through the usual 'red tape' and bureaucratic procedures and make it easy to obtain Merchant Status.
  • How do we do this? ... a major UK Bank provides the Merchant ID and we use the latest E-Payment technology to link your web site to the credit card networks.
  • Web-Merchant brings together all the necessary elements your business needs to trade successfully online - all with one simple application process.

    Please note

    The Web-Merchant service and the Virtual Terminal is included at no extra cost with eCommerce Builder.

    Web-Merchant is also available as a stand-alone solution at the following rates:

    Service Costs Setup Annually
    Web-Merchant Optimal Account 150 240
    Web-Merchant World Account 200 360
    Transaction Fees
    Web-Merchant Optimal Account Transaction fee 2.99% on all Credit and debit card transactions.
    Web-Merchant World Account Transaction fee 4.5% on all Credit card transactions. Debit card (Switch, Delta) charged at 50p only per transaction with no % transaction fee.transactions and 25p only for Debit cards. Your Merchant ID will have to be approved for Internet transactions by your bank.

    Prices do not include 20% VAT.

    Web-Merchant Money Back Guarantee

    There is nothing to lose by applying for Web-Merchant as we provide a no-risk Money-back guarantee. A simple credit check will be carried out as part of the process of setting up your merchant account. If you complete the application form correctly, but subsequently fail the credit check, for whatever reason, then you will receive a full refund of your payment immediately.

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