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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Private LAN

Private LAN is a DataGate service that gives multiple-server customers their own private internal network between those servers. This enables them to exchange data between those servers without using the public Internet or incurring bandwidth charges.

Benefits of PrivateLAN:


To exchange information within your server network without exposing data to other shared connections, e.g. the Internet, you will need our Private LAN service. For example, if your e-commerce site needs the Web application to access a database server but you do not want the database server to be connected to the Internet, you will need our PrivateLAN service.


Databases and certain other applications i.e. ColdFusion or Microsoft Exchange are very resource-intensive and network-consuming, especially if they are running on separate servers. Instead of forcing the data between your servers to travel across the Internet, Private LAN will provide you with a private switch, keeping this traffic on your own network and greatly increasing performance.


DataGate applies no charge for traffic within a Private LAN. If you are exchanging a large amount of data between your servers PrivateLAN will reduce the amount you pay for bandwidth.


Private LAN Setup Monthly
Private LAN (100 Mbps ports)
Private LAN (1000 Mbps ports)

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