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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Service Level Agreement

Dedicated & Virtual Private Servers

Ensuring that your server is available for the maximum possible time is crucial to our success as a Business Hosting Provider.

The following is our standard SLA. In addition, DataGate is happy to offer custom SLAs to your own requirements.

Our standard SLA covers the following points:

  • 99.99% monthly network uptime guarantee
  • 2-hour hardware failure response time
  • Credit allowances for hardware or network failure beyond SLAs
  • 24.7 automated SLA monitoring and notification

Network guarantee

We offer a 99.99% monthly network uptime guarantee for both Level(3)'s network and our own internal ISP network. In the event of a network fault that takes your server off-line, we will offer a credit allowance.

Hardware guarantee

In the case of a hardware problem with your Dedicated or Virtual Private Server (e.g. failure of hard disk, memory, CPU power supply, etc.) we retain spare machines and parts on site. This enables us to easily change faulty parts or even replace the entire server within 2 hours at no cost to the customer. We will replace failed hardware but we are not liable for the loss of data that results from a hardware failure. We offer a credit allowance for hardware faults extending beyond 2 hours. This hardware guarantee is only available for customers using our hardware.

Credit Allowance

Credit allowances are deducted from your charges and will be indicated on your bill. Credit allowances cover the period of service interruption that begins when you or our monitoring system reports a malfunction in service. The interruption period ends when the affected service is operative. Credit allowances do not apply to interruptions that result from scheduled maintenance and repair (We will provide advance notice of scheduled maintenance). An interruption period ends when the affected service is operative. Network fault is defined as an outage in which you are unable to connect to any site at your location but does not include planned outages, partial outages or degradation of service due to high packet loss, or similar conditions, which may be indicative of the Internet as a whole.

Length of Service Interruption Credit
1 to 3 hours Day
3 to 6 hours 1 Day
6 to 12 hours 2 Days
12 to 24 hours 4 Days


Our network is continuously and automatically monitored. We are immediately informed of any potential problem so that it is normally rectified before your service is affected. DataGate's Dedicated and Virtual Private Server customers can apply to have their servers put on the alert system which will page you immediately if any problem with your server is detected.

Solid Security Promise

DataGate's security systems are first-rate. We have invested considerable time and expertise in ensuring that our security policies, at all levels, are comprehensively monitored and highly-tuned to protect our customers' best interests.

We are compliant with all best practice security procedures regarding data integrity, privacy and the communication of sensitive information.

As an example of this policy we continually reference both the Data Protection Act and British Standard 7799 - Security in Information Systems.

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