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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions


Level(3) owns and operates more server space than any other communications company in the world. Millions of square feet in facilities are interconnected by approximately 250,000 miles of conduit and nearly 1.5 million miles of fibre.

Whilst most other backbones are assembled as a complex web of leased or purchased segments, Level(3) has built and solely operates every part of its core European and North American networks.

European Intercity Network

Level (3)'s 3,600-mile European intercity network is complete. Ring 1 connects London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, and Brussels. Ring 2 connects Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich.

They plan to expand its network in Europe and to begin offering services in eight additional markets across Western Europe in 2002. The markets are Geneva, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm and Zurich, and the German cities of Cologne, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.

Level (3) Network Map

European Local Network

The 9 European markets in service are London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. All markets have their own Level (3) multi-conduit, upgradeable fibre network.

The Level (3) Global IP Network

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