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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Data Centre

Our servers are housed in the Level (3) Gateway Data Centre in London. This Data Centre is designed to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power or climate control. In a hosting environment that best assures your server availability, you will benefit from UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), standby generators, fire suppression systems, 24.7.365 security and 99.99% network uptime guarantee.

Level (3) Data Centre


We have multiple Gigabit connections to the Internet from different Tier1 backbone providers and have the ability to scale easily to meet any future demand.

Our Internal ISP network runs over Gigabit switched Ethernet using Cisco Catalyst switches connected to the Level (3) backbone via Cisco routers.

Level (3) has strong peering relationships in-house with the following Tier1 Telco's: BT, MCI WorldCom, Colt and more.

Physical Security

The Data Centre has multiple security levels to ensure no unauthorised access. All perimeter doors are alarmed and authorised personnel are required to have a validated palm-scan to enter. The access control system supports monitoring and logging of all entryways and all access records are stored.

Photo ID Card with PIN
Authorised personnel have a personal Photo ID card with a PIN in order to access areas where our equipment is installed.

Palm Identification System
The Palm Identification System is linked to the access card system. After swiping your access card, you place your hand in the palm scan area and enter your PIN for final authorisation.

Video Surveillance
Video surveillance cameras are located at points of entry to the server area and other secured areas within the perimeter. Video cameras are constantly monitored and stored.

For more information on the Level 3 datacentre click here.

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