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Fully Managed Exchange Solutions

Acceptable Uses Policy

Use the Internet with respect, responsibility and courtesy.

The following are unacceptable uses:

- Illegality of any form, including but not limited to:

  • unauthorised distribution of copyrighted software and other copyrighted material
  • harassment, fraud, pornographic material (obscene and explicit content), drug (illegal substances) dealing and other illegal activities.

- Net abuse, including but not limited to:

  • spamming (sending unsolicited advertising material to numerous
    e-mail addresses and newsgroups)
  • trolling (posting messages to generate numerous responses)
  • mail-bombing (sending multiple messages with same content to the same user)
  • subscribing other persons without permission
  • cross-posting articles to an excessive number of newsgroups
  • attempting to enter into a secured computer system without authorisation

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